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Here at Bingo Minions, our member will all have access to the most traditional Bingo Games out there – 90 Ball and 75 Ball Bingo! You can play these across a whole stem of different gaming rooms and will be able to access these rooms through the Games Lobby once logged into your Bingo Minions account.

Check out the following for some simple information on the games you’ve got to look forward to:


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90 Ball Bingo!


This traditional style of Bingo has been around for a very long time in the UK, and is still played the exact same way as it was when it first begun, other than a bit of modernisation when it comes to graphics, layout, personality, theme and background!

You’ll find that every bingo ticket will consist on a 3x9 grid and 27 squares. Within those 27 squares are 15 numbers between ‘1 and 90’ scattered across 3 lines with 5 numbers per row.

When the bingo numbers are called, players can mark off the ones they have until they or someone else wins the 1 line, 2 lines of full house prize!

To play a 90 Ball Bingo game will mean that you’ll have 3 chances of bagging yourself a cash prize on either a One Line, Two Lines or Full House Win, whereas if you were playing 75 ball then you will have only one chance to win the Jackpot Prize.

75 Ball Bingo!

This younger model of bingo was originally created in the USA and consists of quite a few differences to the 90 ball bingo game! You’ll find that the game card for this style of Bingo consists of a 5x5 grid and 25 squares.

To win you will have to mark off all numbers on your card, other than the Free Square in the middle and then you’ll be the winner of a 75 Ball Bingo Jackpot Prize! Numbers included on your ticket will be between 1 and 75!

Whilst enjoying this style of bingo you will notice that there will be a variety of different pattern games that you can play and to win one of these games you will simply need to mark off all the numbers in that specific pattern.

Check out what Bingo Minions 75 Ball Bingo patterns are available to you:




•Glass of Bubbly.

•Heart and Hot Cross Bun.

•Loveheart and Lucky 7.

•Number 4 and Number 50.

•Plus, Pound Whopper and Pyramid.

•Smiley Face, Stamp and Sun.

•Top and Bottom, Tree and Turtle.


•Xmas Tree.

•Letters A through Z with the exception of the letter B.

•Aeroplane, Anchor and Arrow.

•Bow Tie and Bunny.

•Chess Board, Clapper, Cocktail and Coverall.

•Diamond and Dollar ($) Sign.


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